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How to avoid scammers who want to put hands on your money!

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This sentence may look like an paradox but belive me it is not. Many websites offers high quality free stuff which unfortunetly rarely comes free. In this article i want to show you how to avoid such traps, because it definitely cannot be called free stuff.

When someone is giving me free stuff like an email adress(for sake of example) i expect this email to be free of charge, and i mean any charge, not only money but also free of tons of advertisments and other things. I understand that online companies want to make and this is ok (infact we are using free stuff to decrease our spends, so this is actually other side of the same coin), but why those companies can’t say: you don’t have to pay for this email but you must watch our advertisment one hour daily. Now this proboably wouldn’t bring any attention, but it would be truth.

So here are few rules of the thumb, how to avoid free stuff crap:
1. Never signup for free stuff where offered freebies are paid on other similar sites, this especially includes e-books, reports and other informational products.
2. Never reply to emails from unknown source, where sender offers you very valuable free stuff like watches or even ipods for just replying to his email. It can look like real deal but you can be sure that person which contacted you is a spammer, remember that you are safe as long as you do NOT reply to him.
3. Watch out for surveys where you can win vacation or even car for completing survey, while this can be real deal, be aware they may (and proboably will) want you to complete few related offers where you have to buy something in order to complete survey, so like i said in the beginning this is not really free stuff.
4. One more thing, there is numerous websites on the internet which offer free stuff or even money for your opinion and your personal information, they will have countless reasons why they need your personal informations, but NEVER give them this informations, especially when they do not post their contact info and website looks suspicious. Just remember your personal informations and privacy are worth much more then few dollars that they offer you.

Following this few rules will help you to avoid most of scammers who are trying to trick you to think that they actually have something valuable to offer.

Anyway i wish you best luck in finding free stuff because there are many fantastic offers on the net, you just have to know where to look for them. If you are interested in high quality free stuff and freebie offers you can visit Free Stuff and Freebies Reviews

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